Monday, May 9, 2011

You don't have to remember your password anymore!

Forgot your password? "Darn. Never again. Let me write that down." Stop! We all have the problem of accumulating more usernames and passwords every day. Unfortunately, there is a natural tendency to do some really stupid things and waste a lot of time.

Don’t you wish those darn websites wouldn’t make you use some crazy password that you will never remember? Why can’t you just use the one you always use—monkeylove—everywhere! How many times will you follow the retrieve instructions before giving in? There must be a better (and more secure) way. There is!

I found a FREE solution offered by a reputable internet security company called LastPass. This is not an advertisement. LastPass ( is not just your next password manager—it is a whole lot more! It is actually a security solution that will make your internet experience much safer, much more secure, and much more efficient all at the same time.

The motto at LastPass is: "The Last Password You'll Have to Rembember!"

Now you are asking … How can it be more secure to have somebody else manage your master password? First, LastPass does not save your password (or any of your passwords)—ever! The only thing that is ever stored is an encrypted result which doesn’t mean anything without the master keyholder – you. I won’t bother explaining how it works. It’s majic.

The best thing is that LastPass is going to speed things up and make internet life really simple for you, by automatically logging you in everywhere and keeping track of everything so you don’t have to.

While it is doing all this, here are just a few really great things about it …
  • Use a single master password that protects all your others. When used correctly, LastPass will force you to protect your master password. Once you activate LastPass, you’re not using your password anymore and you will never use it out in the open on the internet.
  • Generate strong passwords for all your sites. Now you can generate strong passwords for every login you need. Don’t worry about remembering them. LastPass will take care of it.
  • LastPass works on everything. It works on all computer operating systems, web browsers and devices. Check out this compatability Logo:

One of the really great things that I like is that I can share secure notes with other LastPass users. Now I can keep all my important secret information categorized and control how it is used between friends and coworkers.

What can it do for you?

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